November 1, 2016

EasyMVP, Android Library with Annotation processing and bytecode weaving in out

We are happy to announce releasing our very own Android MVP framework on GitHub.

EasyMVP came from our need for high quality, highly maintainable and easy expandable Android products.

We were inspired by Uncle Bob notion on clean architecture and other great MVP libraries like Mosby. The reason we started developing our own library was special need for making the best possible Android products. So as the first step, we needed the best architecture and then it leaded us to EasyMVP.
Before public release on GitHub, we used EasyMVP in three different enterprise Android projects and when we were sure that it will help the Android community in the best way, we decided to make it open source.

Our goal is to make EasyMVP, the first choice for developers when they want to follow MVP approach.

Download EasyMVP and learn about its capabilities here:


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October 1, 2016

Hello world!

Hello world!

As the first post, I am going to talk about the idea behind 6thSolution and our mission.

To start, we need to know about current condition of Android OS, with 80% market share:

1- Android can now be called a mature OS, as we have seen less differences between the new versions of Android since Android Lollipop. End users can barely see the differences between Android 5 (lollipop), Android 6 (Marshmallow) and new Android 7 (N).

2- The mobile OEM companies are busy with hardware competition to deliver faster, cheaper, lighter…. Products, rather than focusing on the software and user experience.

3- Google, as the main contributor to Android world, is mainly busy with core android OS and software infrastructures. Although they try to make a perfect user experience for end users, but as their main focus and talents are dedicated to a much bigger game, they merely manage to have an acceptable outcome.

We are here to fix this problem; to give the software more priority and offer the Android users a pleasant, smart and easy experience.

That’s all for the first post, we will be back soon with more technical posts.


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